SOLOSHOT2 - Base & Tag

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SOLOSHOT2 - Base & Tag

$ 399.00

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film yourself... automatically

Film yourself from up to 2,000 ft. away without relying on a second person.

SOLOSHOT2 puts you in control so you can capture what you want, when you want, every time. Improve your skills or share that epic moment - no worries, no hassles and no bathroom breaks!

Simply attach your camera, pair the Base & Tag together and SOLOSHOT2 will automatically pan & tilt your camera to keep you in the shot.

Check out the SOLOSHOT2 Camera Controller Accessory for Automatic Zoom* tracking and to send record/shutter commands right from your Tag.

Pair your Tag to multiple Bases to film yourself from multiple angles simultaneously. Pair multiple Tags to a single Base to film your friends too and it will automatically track the closest, fastest or whoever pressed their Tag's "follow me" button. You can even combine multiple Bases and Multiple Tags to film events!

Battery Life - Up to 8 Hours Base, 4 Hours Tag.


In the Box:

Base, Tag, Armband & Clip, USB Charging Cable, Tripod Tool and User Guide.


Optional Accessories:

Camera Controller*, Tripod, additional Bases, Tags & Armbands, compatible cameras.


Please note that SOLOSHOT2 is currently limited to OUTDOOR USE ONLY 


Pan: 360° at 80° per second continuously in both directions

Tilt:150° of vertical tracking at 35° per second

Battery: Up to 8 Hours of internal battery rechargeable using supplied USB cord

Accessory Port: For adding features such as camera control and charging Tags

Feedback: Long range directional Green LED for tracking feedback

Security: K-Lock socket for locking camera to Base unit, Tool for secure attachment to attachment to tripod which may be locked to a fixed object using a standard bike lock.


Durable and lightweight

Range: 10 - 2,000 ft Range

Dimensions: 2.1oz. - 50x47x23mm

Durability: Waterproof (up to 100 ft.) and shock resistant

Battery: 4-Hour internal battery recharges by docking into Base accessory port

Mounts: Armband & Clip provided. Additional mounting accessories coming soon.

Accepts Most Cameras

1/4 in. standard camera mounting screw allows you to mount balanced cameras up to 5 lbs.

Camcorders: Works great with a variety of camcorders including professional grade. Check out the Camera Controller Accessory to unlock automatic zoom and record control from the Tag.

DSLRs: Use with high resolution interchangeable lens cameras for a easy and stable way to keep the camera pointed at the subject. Combine with a plunger or the Camera Controller Accessory to send burst commands right from the Tag so you can capture AND be in the shot!

Spot Lights: Capture amazing content by controlling lights, camera and the action... automatically!

Directional Antennas: Extend the range of your drone or Wifi or even pick up that sound all from up to 2,000 ft away.

Fits Most Tripods

Mount your Base to a sturdy, quality tripod of your choice using the 3/8 in. mounting socket and the special mounting tool provided. 1/4 in. to 3/8 in. adaptor screws (pictured but not included) may also be used.

Check out the Custom SOLOSHOT Tripod in the accessories section.

Specialty Modes

Your Base has 4 specialty modes optimized for different activities.

Surf & Turf: Great for filming an activity performed on a level surface such as soccer or surfing. Tracking is most accurate with this setting.

Big Altitude: Great for filming activities with lots of vertical movement such as snowboarding, paragliding and RC flying. Tracking is less accurate so requires a slightly wider shot.

Cinematic: Pan only for you filmmaking purists! This mode allows you to get that perfect tracking shot while locking the tilt position.

Barrel Mode: Keeps you in the shot when surfing barreling waves.

Camera Control

Add a Camera Controller Accessory for automatic zoom, record and photo burst control:

Camcorders: Enables Automatic Zoom Tracking and be able to send start/stop record commands directly from your Tag. You can even send a highlight command after something cool happened so you can easily find it while editing.

DSLRs: Enables Automatic Shutter Fire so you can tell your camera to start a picture burst right from your Tag up to 2,000 ft away.

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