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When you solve a 200-year-old problem, people notice...

What can SOLOSHOT do?


You or your subject wear the SOLOSHOT Tag and the Base automatically pans and tilts to keep your camera aimed toward you and in the shot.

  • Range: 10-2,000 ft
  • Battery: 4-hour rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Tag: Water proof and shock resistant
  • Pan: 360-deg at 80-deg per sec
  • Tilt: 140-deg at 35-deg per sec
  • Cameras: Supports up to 5-lbs

Automatic Zoom

Control your camera directly from the Tag with the Camera Controller accessory.


Use the Tag to trigger photo bursts on DSLRs including many Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus models and more.

Multi Mode

Film from multiple angles or film multiple people simultaneously. SOLOSHOT Bases and Tags can be networked together to form your own robotic production crew.

  • One-to-One: One Base can track one Tag without interference from other possible SOLOSHOTs in use nearby
  • Multiple Angles: Track one Tag using multiple Bases
  • Multiple Subjects: Track multiple tags using one Base - see video for the different multi tracking modes


Shoot like the pros! Capture fast, easy and awesome MOTION time-lapses. Simply pre-program your Base to pan, tilt and fire your camera over a certain period of time and degrees.

  • Step & Fire: With supported DSLRs
  • Movie: Using a supported camcorder