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Your personal cameraman just got a whole lot smarter.

Making great video is hard. The 3rd Generation SOLOSHOT makes it easy by automating the entire process.


Automatic Filming

No cameraman? No problem. 

Film yourself with SOLOSHOT, the Robot Cameraman. You wear the Tag, and the Base automatically pans, tilts & zooms to keep you in the camera's shot up to 2,000 ft. away for over 3 hours. No line of sight required.  

Breakthrough #1:  Auto Tracking Technology.

Breakthrough #2:  Move the Base at anytime, even while tracking.

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Automatic Filming

From Hollywood filmmakers to pro athletes, professional content creators rely on dedicated camera operators to diligently track and film their subjects, from a distance, for hours at a time. Thanks to SOLOSHOT's 3rd Generation Automatic Cameraman, you can too.  


How does SOLOSHOT3 know who to film?

  • A one-time process pairs your Base & Tag together. Use the touchscreen or your mobile device to add more Tags, remove Tags and manage how Tags are tracked by your Base.

How does SOLOSHOT3 differ from Action Cameras?

  • Action cameras turn the subject into the cameraman. SOLOSHOT turns the cameraman into a robot. Our customers love to use SOLOSHOT and Action Cams together to capture the action from two very different perspectives - Action Cams to show the subject's point-of-view and SOLOSHOT to show the spectator's point-of-view. The SOLOSHOT perspective is also great for training because it captures stable perspective footage preferred by coaches, judges and recruiters. 

How does SOLOSHOT differ from a Drone?

  • Drones capture amazing aerial video but have very limited battery life, may disturb those around you and face increasing bans on use in public spaces. SOLOSHOT quietly films the action from a distance for multiple hours without disturbing bystanders or the moment itself. Tip - put your SOLOSHOT in the stands, on a cliff or atop a high tripod to get hours of stable video from an aerial perspective

How long is the SOLOSHOT3 setup process?

  • Less than 30 seconds. Just power on the Base & Tag and go! Your Base will automatically perform a short self-calibration routine and start tracking. Once tracking, you are free to move the Base at any time. SOLOSHOT3 even tracks while moving. 

Can SOLOSHOT3 be moved while filming?

  • Yes. Move your Base from location to location whenever you want to try a new vantage point. In fact, SOLOSHOT3 will continue to track the subject while in motion. Keep an eye out for upcoming motion accessories such as golf cart, boat and car mounts.

What's SOLOSHOT3's range?

  • SOLOSHOT3 can track up to 2000 ft. outdoors and 100 ft. indoors when used in conjunction with the Indoor Accessory.

Can the Base track multiple Tags at the same time?

  • Yes. You can pair up to 15 Tags to a single Base and use the onboard touch screen or your mobile device to select the tracking criteria - whether to switch to the closest or fastest Tag or whoever called the camera using their Tag (button press or firm taps). 

Can multiple Bases track the same Tag?

  • Yes. SOLOSHOT3 is very flexible and the touch screen makes it easy to turn your robot cameramen into a robotic production crew. You can have 1 Base track 1 Tag, 1 Base track multiple Tags, multiple Bases track 1 Tag or multiple Bases track multiple Tags. Simply use the touch screen or your mobile device to manage relationships between all your Bases & Tags.

What happens if multiple people use their SOLOSHOT in the same location?

  • Each Base & Tag has a unique ID so the pairing process ensures multiple systems won't get confused. 

Can the SOLOSHOT3 Base be mounted on a boat, car or drone?

  • Your Base may be mounted on a boat or car, but not to a drone. However, our customers like to mount the Tag to their RC plane or drone so they can capture high quality stable footage of their acrobatic flights. 

How big is the Tag?

  • Our Gen 3 Tag is 40% smaller and lighter than the previous generation (which was 40% smaller than the first generation!). The SOLOSHOT3 Tag weighs 1.2 oz. 

How fast can SOLOSHOT3 track?

  • The Base pans up to 80 deg/sec continuously in both directions. The Base can tilt 120 degrees at 40 deg/sec. 

Does SOLOSHOT3 automatically control zoom and focus?

  • Yes. The Base automatically adjusts zoom and focus to keep you in focus and in the shot. Zoom and/or focus control may not be supported for some 3rd party cameras. Check your camera's compatibility here.

Is SOLOSHOT3 waterproof?

  • Like the two generations before, the SOLOSHOT3 Tag is waterproof (up to 50 ft.) and shock resistant (up to 25 ft. free fall onto asphalt). The Base is NOT waterproof or shock resistant but rugged enough for outdoor use. Please take steps to protect your Base from the elements and stay tuned for additional weather proofing accessories.

What kind of tripod do I need?

  • The SOLOSHOT3 Base connects to standard 3/8 inch tripod mounts and accept standard 1/4 inch adapters. Browse our tripod accessories at checkout and stay tuned for additional Base and Tag mounts launching soon. 

Can I use any camera with SOLOSHOT3?

  • We recommend our OpticX high zoom cameras that have been specially designed to be pointed by our little robots. If you're a DSLR or GoPro ninja, you may connect those or other 3rd Party cameras to your Base using the Camera Adapter accessory and recommended cables.

Are GoPro cameras compatible with SOLOSHOT3?

  • Yes. You can mount a GoPro to the Base using the SOLOSHOT Camera Adapter Accessory and the GoPro tripod mount. Stay tuned for additional accessories that will unlock more features and make your GoPro content compatible with SOLOSHOTedit and SOLOSHOTcloud software. 

Automatic Editing

So, who's going to edit all that footage? Don't worry, we automated that too. 

SOLOSHOTedit intelligently identifies highlights and pushes them to the SOLOSHOTcloud for you to view anytime, anywhere, from any device. You can also manually mark highlights, in real time, right from your Tag.   

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Automated Editing

Do what you love most, more often. SOLOSHOT3 puts you back in the action faster. Say "bye" to hours spent editing and "hello" to SOLOSHOTedit which automatically pulls highlights from each session. See your best clips immediately or watch them later since they conveniently push to the SOLOSHOTcloud when connected to a trusted WiFi source.  


What is SOLOSHOTedit?

  • SOLOSHOTedit is a free automated highlight finding software built into SOLOSHOT3 and 3pro

How does SOLOSHOTedit determine what is a highlight?

  • SOLOSHOT generates a lot of data while tracking the subject. We've written algorithms that correlate that data with what's happening in the shot. You can also manually mark a highlight by triple tapping your Tag. It's already pretty awesome but will get smarter and smarter as more people use it and interact with their highlights. 

Can I adjust the highlights?

  • Yes. Our SOLOSHOTedit family of desktop, mobile and web based highlight management tools allow you to easily adjust the start and end of each highlight or delete it completely. It's already pretty awesome but will get smarter and smarter as more people use it and interact with their highlights.

Does SOLOSHOTedit automatically add music?

  • Not yet but we are working on it! As with previous generations, we will release free updates to our product firmware and software tools as we continue to improve how SOLOSHOT automates, simplifies & democratizes the production, distribution & discovery of high quality user generated video.  

Does SOLOSHOTedit work with SOLOSHOT2?

  • We built a special desktop version of SOLOSHOTedit just for our SOLOSHOT2 customers.  We will release this desktop tool in the coming weeks and can't wait for you feedback! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get the download link!

Easy Sharing

Too many social accounts to manage? 

Let the SOLOSHOTcloud do it for you. Push clips to your social channels without having to manage multiple uploads. You can even automate the sharing process. 

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Easy Sharing

Use SOLOSHOT's onboard, mobile and cloud based tools to manage what, when and where you would like to push all those highlights. 

Stop uploading the same content multiple times. Now all of your clips are located in the SOLOSHOTcloud, so sharing has never been easier. 


What is the SOLOSHOTcloud?

  • An always accessible hard drive in the sky that stores nothing but the best clips from your sessions. Gone are the days of constantly buying new hard drives and storing old SD cards hoping that one day you'll have the time to go through and organize all that content. 

How is sharing easier?

  • Since your best clips are already located in the cloud, you don't have to upload content each time you want to share to a new platform. Simply identify the platform, compose your post and SOLOSHOT will take care of the rest. 

How can I automate sharing?

  • We're working on tools that will allow you to set rules for what, when and where you share your clips.

What happens if you are filming multiple people?

  • You may associate each Tag with a unique SOLOSHOTcloud account. The Base(s) will manage everyone's highlights and push them to each user's account. It's sick!

Live Streaming

No audience? No problem. The SOLOSHOTapp lets you live stream the action to the world.  

Invite friends, family & fans to join the SOLOSHOT community. Explore high quality content and follow interesting people, amazing places and the #things that you love. 

(Beta app launching January 2016)

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Live Streaming

SOLOSHOT3 makes you the star of your own live broadcast. 

Simply use the onboard touch screen and seamless interface to connect to the Internet. Tap Go Live to share your moments with the world. 


Do I need a SOLOSHOT to download the app?

  • No. Anyone can download the app to browse and interact with content.

Do I need to use a SOLOSHOT to broadcast?

  • Yes. You must use a SOLOSHOT to broadcast live or push highlights to your followers on the SOLOSHOTapp. Footage captured by SOLOSHOT is uniquely stable, pleasant to watch and its subject's are always doing something interesting. Limiting content in this way helps us maintain quality.

Can I download the app now?

  • Not yet. Sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know when the beta release is ready.

Who can view my broadcasts?

  • That will be up to you. The SOLOSHOTapp will have customizable privacy settings. 

What's new

Meet the SOLOSHOT3 family.

 Thanks to incredible feedback from our customers over the last few years, we developed two new versions of the SOLOSHOT Base, a smaller Tag, custom interchangeable cameras, an indoor tracking accessory, automated editing software, a mobile app and eliminated the complex setup required for previous generations. Which SOLOSHOT is right for you?


Designed to work directly with our custom lineup of high zoom OpticX cameras, the new SOLOSHOT3 Base is 40% smaller, 30% lighter and ready to track in 30 seconds. Just click in your OpticX and go!

Additional features include a built-in touchscreen, WiFi connectivity and SOLOSHOTedit, our revolutionary intelligent highlight finding software.  

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  • Pan: 36° at 80° per second continuously in both directions
  • Tilt: 150° of vertical tracking at 35° per second
  • Battery: Up to 8 hours of internal batterry rechargeable using supplied USB cord
  • Accessory Port: For adding features such as camera control and charging Tags
  • Feedback: Long range directional Green LED for tracking feedback
  • Weight: 3lbs.

SOLOSHOT3pro | Base

Combines our latest technological breakthroughs with the power to handle large 3rd party cameras (up to 10 lbs) like DSLRs and prosumer camcorders.

Simply connect the Camera Adapter Accessory, attach your supported camera and use the touch screen to identify make and model. It also has the same click and go compatibility with the OpticX lineup - no accessory needed. 

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  • Pan: 36° at 80° per second continuously in both directions
  • Tilt: 150° of vertical tracking at 35° per second
  • Battery: Up to 8 hours of internal batterry rechargeable using supplied USB cord
  • Accessory Port: For adding features such as camera control and charging Tags
  • Feedback: Long range directional Green LED for tracking feedback
  • Weight: 3lbs.


40% smaller and 30% lighter than its predecessor, our new Tag is still seriously waterproof and shockproof while adding an OLED display for easier control. 
Built in WiFi lets you connect to your mobile device for long distance remote control. 

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  • Pan: 36° at 80° per second continuously in both directions
  • Tilt: 150° of vertical tracking at 35° per second
  • Battery: Up to 8 hours of internal batterry rechargeable using supplied USB cord
  • Accessory Port: For adding features such as camera control and charging Tags
  • Feedback: Long range directional Green LED for tracking feedback
  • Weight: 3lbs.

Optic25 Camera

Finally, a camera designed by SOLOSHOT for SOLOSHOT! Just click and go. 

Featuring a 25x optical zoom lens, the Optic25 clips into both SOLOSHOT3 & 3pro for automatic zoom & focus tracking. Whether recording 1080p60 video or taking 12MP photo bursts, the large diameter glass, telescoping lens and 1/2.3" sensor provide stunning image quality. 

*MicroSD card not included.

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Optic65 Camera

We combined a 65x optical zoom lens with 4K resolution to give you the most powerful consumer camera on the market. Oh, and it operates itself. 

Clip the Optic65 into SOLOSHOT3 or 3pro for automatic zoom & focus tracking, while recording at resolutions up to 4K30 and 1080p120 or capture 12MP photo bursts, automatically. The even larger diameter glass and 1/2.3" sensor combine for professional quality video and images.

*MicroSD card not included.

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Indoor Accessory

Drum roll... SOLOSHOT now works indoors! 

Connect the SOLOSHOTindoor accessory to an OpticX camera and the Base will track up to 100 ft. away - no line of sight required. Additional accessory required for 3rd party cameras (coming soon).            

3rd Party Camera Adapter

Take pictures and send record commands right from the Tag or even let SOLOSHOT tell your camera when to zoom.  

Compatible with both SOLOSHOT3 & 3pro. However, usage with SOLOSHOT3 is limited to smaller light cameras such as action cameras and camcorders.

Multi Mode Control

Just as previous generations were able to track multiple Tags at once, our 3rd generation takes Multi Mode to the next level with the Control Room feature of the SOLOSHOTapp

Easily manage multiple Tags, Bases & content with the tap or swipe of a finger - from anywhere on the beach, in the crowd or even around the world. 

Filming, editing & sharing your life has never been easier.

Time-Lapse | Astro Photography

Camera jockeys loved using SOLOSHOT2 for Motion Time Lapse and Astro Photography so much that we vowed to make them easier to create! 

SOLOSHOT3 & 3pro let you effortlessly create mesmerizing MTLs or track & capture the night sky with app-like ease. The touch screen interface guides you through the process, step-by-step and while the built in software processes all the images into a video for you. 

*Long-exposure settings for night time and astro photography to be provided as post-launch firmware upgrade.


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SOLOSHOT3 + Optic25 Camera Bundle

    • SOLOSHOT3 Base
    • SOLOSHOT3 Tag
    • Optic25 Camera
    • Armband + Clip
    • USB Charging Cable

Original Price:  $ 699.00

Pre-order Price: $ 454.35

SOLOSHOT3 + Optic65 Camera Bundle

    • SOLOSHOT3 Base
    • SOLOSHOT3 Tag
    • Optic65 Camera
    • Armband + Clip
    • USB Charging Cable

Original Price:  $ 899.00

Pre-order Price: $ 584.35

SOLOSHOT3pro + Camera Adapter

    • SOLOSHOT3pro Base
    • SOLOSHOT3 Tag
    • Camera Adaptor
    • Armband + Clip
    • USB Charging Cable

Original Price:  $ 599.00

Pre-order Price: $ 389.35

Customize your kit with additional accessories.

Optic25 Camera

25x Optical Zoom + 1080p60

$194.35 $299.00

Optic65 Camera

65x Optical Zoom + 4K30 (1080p120)

$324.35 $499.00

Indoor Accessory

use SOLOSHOT indoors

$64.35 $99.00

Extra Tag

for filming up to 15 people

$96.85 $149.00

Tripod Pro

high quality Manfrotto tripod


Tripod Lite

recommended for SOLOSHOT3


Camera Adapter

mount your action cam on SOLOSHOT3

$64.35 $99.00


weatherproof your SOLOSHOT3


Waistband Mount

recommended for team sports


Original Price: $1,654

Total: $970

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*Products pictured in relative scale.






Battery Life

3.5 hours 3.5 hours 4 hours


1.6 lbs 2.2 lbs 2.0 lbs

Security Feature

Accessory Ports

2 2 1

Pan Range

360° continuous 360° continuous 360° continuous

Max Pan Speed

120° p/sec 120° p/sec 80° p/sec

Tilt Range

120° 120° 120°

Max Tilt Speed

60° p/sec 60° p/sec 25° p/sec

OpticX Cameras

3rd Party Camera Control

Accessory Accessory Accessory
Camera Compatibility & Control

OpticX Cameras

3rd Party Camera Control

Max Payload

<1.5 lbs 10 lbs 5 lbs

Automatic Zoom


Warm up + Set Up Time

30 seconds 30 seconds 8 min

Mobile/Moving Base

Indoor Tracking Accessory

Live Streaming

Built-in Auto Editing + Cloud Sync

External Auto Editing Software

Touchscreen Control

Time Lapse

Astro Tracking

Mobile Connectivity (WiFi)

Mobile/Tablet Remote Control

Multi Mode (Track Multiple Tags)

Remote Record, Photo Control

App Connectivity

OpticX Cameras

*Products pictured in relative scale.




Sony CX405

Optical Zoom

25x 65x 30x


1080p @ 30,60,120 FPS
720p @ 30,60,120 FPS
4K @ 30 FPS
2.7K @ 30 FPS
1080p @ 30,60,120 FPS
720p @ 30,60,120 FPS
1080p @ 60 FPS


12 MP 12 MP 9.2 MP

Max Photo Bursts



*Products pictured in relative scale.





2,000 ft 2,000 ft


To 100 ft To 100 ft



1.4 oz 2.1 oz


42 x 42 x 15 mm 50 x 47 x 23 mm

OLED Display

Battery Life

3.5 hours 4 hours