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film yourself...


The first generation SOLOSHOT1 works by keeping your camera pointed at an Armband you wear while participating in an outdoor activity or sport. With simplicity in mind, SOLOSHOT1 pans left and right to keep you in the frame. Tilt and zoom can be manually adjusted via the SOLOSHOT1 Base and your camera.


The best part about SOLOSHOT1 is you just hit record and forget about the camera.  Just set up the SOLOSHOT Tripod, press record, follow the transmitter pairing sequence and have fun knowing you are getting footage of everything you do.


SOLOSHOT2 capabilities include:

2,000 ft. range (half a kilometer)

Base pans at 40 degrees per second

5-Hour battery life

High intensity tracking LED lets you know SOLOSHOT1 is pointing toward you

Lockable security feature


What’s included:

SOLOSHOT1 Base, Transmitter, Tripod, Charger and Soloshot User Guide.


Please note that SOLOSHOT is an outdoor use only product.

Automatic Panning

Any camcorder or camera (up to 5 lbs.) that mounts to a standard tripod will mount to the SOLOSHOT1 Base. You manually set tilt and zoom appropriately on set up. SOLOSHOT1 works best when tracking subjects between 100 and 2,000 feet from the SOLOSHOT Base, while zoom should be set so there is about 30 feet on either side of the subject in the frame.

Robust Tag

The SOLOSHOT1 Transmitter is waterproof, shockproof and comfortable, and was designed for the harshest ocean environments (we originally started developing SOLOSHOT to film ourselves surfing).


SOLOSHOT1 has built-in security features that enable the camera, Base and Tripod to be locked to nearby fixed objects (such as a lifeguard tower or park bench).

Tripod Included

The Base comes pre-mounted to a custom professional Tripod that can extend from two to over five feet.

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